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About Us

Fiona Williams set up The Boozy Cake Company in 2012 in response to a growing demand from friends and family for her unusual and delicious baby fruit cakes.

A lot of fruit cakes are beautifully decorated but they are often very dry and unappealing once you cut into them. What's more, lots of people are put off by the marzipan or the thick slab of icing used to pretty them up.

That's where we come in! Based in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire our cakes are the epitome of squidgy moistness. Made with real butter, free range eggs and top quality succulent fruits soaked in alcohol, the cakes are baked and then 'fed' regularly for a month with spirits.

The result is a gorgeous, juicy, moist fruit cake with an alcoholic kick. With our fruit cakes it's all about the taste.

Ideal with a cup of tea or coffee or as an after dinner treat with a glass of liqueur. Once mature, the cakes are wrapped and sealed into smart presentation tins, with a decoration and gift tag at Christmas and Easter, making them an ideal present, party favour or corporate gift.